Adrian College Women's Soccer Tradition And All-Time Honors

All-America (1 student-athletes 2 times)
2011--Sam Barker, Sophomore, Forward, National Soccer Coaches Association of America Third Team; Third Team

*United Soccer Coaches All-Region (11 student-athletes 16 times)
2009--Lindsay Chitwood, Senior, Position, All-Central Region Third Team
2011--Sam Barker, Sophomore, Forward, All-Central Region First Team
2011--Erin Weide, Freshman, Position, All-Central Region Second Team
2011--Kellie Irwin, Senior, Position, All-Central Region Third Team
2012--Erin Weide, Sophomore, Position, All-Central Region First Team
2012--Chayna Wallace, Senior, Position, All-Central Region Second Team
2012--Patti Vaassen, Senior, Position, All-Central Region Third Team
2013--Sam Barker, Senior, Forward, All-Central Region First Team
2013--Erin Weide, Junior, Position, All-Central Region Third Team
2015--Tori Foote, Senior, Position, All-Central Region Third Team
2017--Caroline Fleming, Sophomore, Forward, All-Central Region Second Team
2017--Rachel Rodeheffer, Junior, Defender, All-Central Region Third Team
2018--Caroline Fleming, Junior, Forward, All-Central Region Second Team 
2018--Megan Louwers, Sophomore, Midfielder, All-Central Region Second Team
2018--Rachel Rodeheffer, Senior, Defender, All-Central Region Third Team 
2018--Ayverie Giller, Junior, Goalie, All-Central Region Third Team 
(* denotes organization rebranded from National Soccer Coaches Association of America for start of 2017 season.)

NCAA Division III Championship Appearances (1)
2018--First Round (Loras at Wheaton, Ill., L 1-0 in double overtime)

Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association Championships (2= 1 Regular Season + 1 Postseason)
2011--MIAA Regular Season (14-2 conference, 17-5 overall)
2018--MIAA Tournament (14-6-1 overall; Defeated Calvin, 3-0; Defeated Hope, 1-0)

All-Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (50 student-athletes 98 times)
1989--Karen Blake, Freshman, First Team Forward
1991--Erin Roe, Freshman, First Team Defender
1991--Amy Buchanan, Junior, First Team Forward
1992--Christine Czech, Senior, First Team Back
1993--Amy Buchanan, Senior, First Team  Forward
1994--Emmy Heiby, Senior, First Team Midfielder
1994--Wendy Warner, Junior, Second Team Defender
1994--Kelly McDole, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
1994--Carrie Meyer, Freshman, Honorable Mention Goalkeeper
1995--Wendy Warner, Senior, First Team Back
1995--Carrie Meyer, Sophomore, Second Team Goalkeeper
1995--Kelly McDole, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
1997--Carrie Meyer, Senior, First Team Goalkeeper
1997--Christine Calnin, Senior, Second Team Midfielder
1997--Amy Fortin, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
1997--Kelly Neumann, Freshman, Position, Honorable Mention
1998--Patience Doherty, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
1998--Kelly Neumann, Sophomore, Position, Honorable Mention
1998--Shaun Shollack, Freshman, Position, Honorable Mention
1998--Jenny Davis, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
1999--Sarah Moulik, Freshman, Second Team Goalkeeper
1999--Jenny Davis, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
1999--April Hannum, Freshman, Position, Honorable Mention
1999--Kelly Neumann, Junior, Position, Honorable Mention
1999--Jenny Perrin, Freshman, Position, Honorable Mention
1999--Shaun Shollack, Sophomore, Position, Honorable Mention
2000--Sarah Moulik, Sophomore, First Team Goalkeeper
2000--Jenny Perrin, Sophomore, Position, Honorable Mention
2000--Kristin Kepsel, Freshman, Position, Honorable Mention
2000--Kelly Neumann, Senior, Position, Honorable Mention
2000--Michelle Millard, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
2000--April Hannum, Sophomore, Position, Honorable Mention
2001--Beth Amman, Senior, Position, Honorable Mention
2001--Sarah Moulik, Junior, Honorable Mention Goalkeeper
2001--Jenny Perrin, Junior, Position, Honorable Mention
2001--April Hannum, Junior, Position, Honorable Mention
2001--Michelle Millard, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
2001--Kristin Kepsel, Sophomore, Position, Honorable Mention
2002--Rick Gutierrez, MIAA Coach of the Year
2002--Sarah Moulik, Senior, First Team  Goalkeeper
2002--Julie Herbert, Freshman, Second Team Forward
2002--April Hannen, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
2002--Michelle Millard, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
2002--Leah James, Freshman, Honorable Mention Midfielder
2002--Kristin Kepsel, Junior, Position, Honorable Mention
2002--Jenny Perrin, Senior, Position, Honorable Mention
2002--Liz Ertman, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
2002--Kim Edwards, Class, Position, Honorable Mention
2003--Erin Russell, Freshman, Position, Honorable Mention
2003--Julie Herbert, Sophomore, Position, Honorable Mention
2003--Kristin Kepsel, Senior, Position, Honorable Mention
2003--Stephanie Music, Freshman, Position, Honorable Mention
2003--Leah James, Sophomore, Honorable Mention Midfielder
2004--Leah James, Junior, Second Team Midfielder
2004--Julie Herbert, Junior, Position, Honorable Mention
2004--Kim Edwards, Junior, Position, Honorable Mention
2004--Lisa Jackowiak, Junior, Position, Honorable Mention
2005--Leah James, Senior, First Team At-Large
2005--Julie Herbert, Senior, Position, Honorable Mention
2005--Stephanie Music, Junior, Position, Honorable Mention
2005--Sandy Towler, Freshman, Position, Honorable Mention
2006--Lindsay Chitwood, Freshman, Second Team Forward
2006--Cody McDonald, Sophomore, Position, Honorable Mention
2006--Stephanie Music, Senior, Position, Honorable Mention
2006--Amanda House, Freshman, Position, Honorable Mention
2007--Lindsay Chitwood, Sophomore, Second Team Forward
2008--Sabrina Fortney, Sophomore, Second Team Defender
2008--Lindsay Chitwood, Junior, Second Team Forward
2009--Lindsay Chitwood, Senior, First Team Forward
2009--Kellie Irwin, Sophomore, First Team Defender
2009--Stevie Burns, Junior, Second Team Goalkeeper
2009--Lauren Cozzi, Freshman, Second Team Midfielder
2010--Sam Barker, Freshman, First Team Forward
2010--Patti Vaassen, Sophomore, Second Team Midfielder
2010--Lauren Cozzi, Sophomore, Second Team Midfielder
2011--Sam Barker, Sophomore, First Team Forward (MIAA Player of the Year)
2011--Erin Weide, Freshman, First Team Forward
2011--Kellie Irwin, Senior, First Team Defender
2011--Patti Vaassen, Junior, First Team Midfielder
2011--Chayna Wallace, Junior, Second Team Goalkeeper
2012--Erin Weide, Sophomore, First Team Forward (MIAA Player of the Year)
2012--Chayna Wallace, Senior, First Team Goalkeeper
2012--Patti Vaassen, Senior, First Team Defender
2013--Sam Barker, Senior, First Team Forward (MIAA Player of the Year)
2013--Erin Weide, Junior, First Team Forward
2014--Erin Weide, Senior, First Team Forward (MIAA Player of the Year)
2015--Tori Foote, Senior, First Team Defender
2015--Lexi Lewandowski, Senior, Second Team Goalkeeper
2016--Sofia Farah, Senior, First Team Midfielder
2016--Mackenzie Wilcox, Junior, Second Team Forward
2017--Caroline Fleming, Sophomore, First Team Forward
2017--Rachel Rodeheffer, Junior, First Team Defender
2017--Melissa Brick, Sophomore, Second Team Defender
2017--Ayverie Giller, Sophomore, Second Team Goalkeeper
2018--Caroline Fleming, Junior, First Team Forward
2018--Megan Louwers, Sophomore, First Team Midfielder
2018--Rachel Rodeheffer, Senior, First Team Defender
2018--Ayverie Giller, Junior, First Team Goalkeeper
2018--McKenna Mahoney, Freshman, Second Team Forward

Academic All-Conference (coming soon....)
2017--Name, Class, Position, major

MIAA Player of the Week (28 student-athletes 49 times)
1999--Sarah Moulik, Sophomore (Week #5) 
2001 (Offensive)--Beth Amman, Senior (Week #1)
2002 (Offensive)--Jenny Perrin, Class (Week #1)
2002 (Defensive)--Sarah Moulik, Senior (Week #2)
2002 (Defensive)--Leah James, Freshman (Week #5)
2002 (Defensive)--Sarah Moulik, Senior (Week #7)
2005 (Defensive)--Stephanie Music, Junior (Week #6)
2006 (Offensive)--Lindsay Chitwood, Freshman (Week #2)
2006 (Defensive)--Sandy Towler, Sophomore (Week #3)
2007 (Offensive)--Lindsay Chitwood, Sophomore (Week #2)
2007 (Defensive)--Amanda House, Sophomore (Week #2)
2008 (Offensive)--Sarah Evans, Junior (Week #2)
2008 (Defensive)--Sabrina Fortney, Senior (Week #5) 
2008 (Defensive)--Sabrina Fortney, Senior (Week #7)
2008 (Defensive)--Kellie Irwin, Freshman (Week #8)
2009 (Offensive)--Lindsay Chitwood, Senior (Sept. 29)
2009 (Defensive)--Stevie Burns, Junior (Sept. 29)
2009 (Defensive)--Melissa Rederstorf, Senior (Oct. 12)
2009 (Defensive)--Kellie Irwin, Sophomore (Oct. 26)
2010 (Offensive)--Sam Barker, Freshman (Sept. 7)
2010 (Offensive)--Courtney Pomeroy, Sophomore (Oct. 4)
2010 (Defensive)--Patti Vaassen, Sophomore (Oct. 18)
2010 (Defensive)--Stevie Burns, Senior (Nov.1)
2011 (Offensive)--Sam Barker, Sophomore (Sept. 19)
2011 (Offensive)--Sam Barker, Sophomore (Oct. 3)
2011 (Offensive)--Sam Barker,  Sophomore (Oct. 24)
2011 (Defensive)--Patti Vaassen, Junior (Oct. 31)
2012 (Offensive)--Sam Barker, Junior (Sept. 4)
2012 (Defensive)--Chayna Wallace, Senior (Sept. 25)
2012 (Offensive)--Erin Weide, Sophomore (Oct. 15)
2012 (Offensive)--Courtney Pomeroy, Senior (Oct. 29)
2013 (Offensive)--Sam Barker, Senior (Sept. 23)
2013 (Defensive)--Lexi Lewandowski, Sophomore (Sept. 30)
2013 (Offensive)--Erin Weide, Junior (Oct. 21)
2015 (Defensive)--Tori Foote, Senior (Sept. 28)
2015 (Defensive)--Lexi Lewandowski, Senior (Sept. 8)
2015 (Defensive)--Lexi Lewandowski, Senior (Oct. 12)
2016 (Offensive)--Mackenzie Wilcox, Junior (Sept. 6)
2016 (Offensive)--Kirsten Chambers, Junior (Oct. 3)
2017 (Offensive)--Caroline Fleming, Sophomore (Sept. 25)
2017 (Offensive)--Caroline Fleming, Sophomore (Oct. 16) 
2017 (Offensive)--Caroline Fleming, Sophomore (Oct. 31)
2017 (Defensive)--Ayverie Giller, Sophomore (Oct. 9) 
2017 (Defensive)--Rachel Rodeheffer, Sophomore (Oct. 31)
2018 (Defensive)--Sarah Brannan, Freshman (Oct. 8)
2018 (Offensive)--Megan Louwers, Sophomore (Oct. 8)
2018 (Defensive)--Rachel Rodeheffer, Senior (Oct. 29)
2018 (Offensive)--McKenna Mahoney, Freshman (Nov. 5)
2018 (Defensive)--Ayverie Giller, Junior (Nov. 5)

Updated 11/15/18