Adrian College Coaches Corner Podcast


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Assistant Cross Country and Track and Field coach Matt Sutton along with Assistant Men's Wrestling coach Ryne Morrison interview different Adrian College coaches on their styles of coaching, team chemistry, and more!

Episode 1: (November 4, 2020) Special guest head golf coach Ryan Williams 

Episode 2: (November 11, 2020) Special guest head softball coach Ashley Skelly

Episode 3: (November 18, 2020) Special guest assistant men's basketball coach Tim Kaiser

Episode 4: (December 2, 2020) Special guest head baseball coach Craig Rainey

Episode 5: (December 8, 2020) Special guest head NCAA women's hockey coach Shawn Skelly

Episode 6: (January 6, 2021) Special guest head ACHA Men's D1 hockey coach Gary Astalos

Episode 7: (January 13, 2021) Special guests head women's basketball coach Kathy Morris and assistant women's basketball coach Katie Crawford

Episode 8: (February 5, 2021) Special guest head women's wrestling coach Cliff Cushard

Episode 9: (February 11, 2021) Special guest head men's rugby coach Benny Mateialona

Episode 10: (February 18, 2021) Special guest Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Joe VanGeison

Episode 11: (February 25, 2021) Special guest head acrobatics and tumbling coach Ellen Barker

Episode 12: (March 18, 2021) Special guest head bass fishing coach Seth Borton

Episode 13: (March 25, 2021) Hosts Ryne Morrison and Matt Sutton interview each other

Episode 14: (April 8, 2021) Special guest assistant women's soccer coach Becks Craig

Episode 15: Special guest Athletic Director Michael Duffy (Coming soon....)